Understanding Backlinks

Learn More About Backlinks

Keywords used to be the most  important thing to consider when creating your website some years back. All you had to do was use hot keywords in your website and the search engine rankings would favor you. However, though keywords are still important, you need backlinks in order to rank high.

If you have the best content in your website but you have no readers, then you need to rethink  your marketing strategy. The best way to do a solid marketing  campaign is by making sure you spend your time making sure you get  backlinks. 

So, what are backlinks? Getting backlinks are one of the quickest ways of climbing the SERPS ladder. Before we get into further details, let me define what is a backlink. A backlink is a link which is placed on another website in order to lead the readers of the content to another website.

Webmasters mostly rely on backlinks to give them organic search traffic. This is free traffic you get when a person searches for a keyword phrase your site is relevant for. If your site appears on the first page as a result of higher rankings, then there is a higher probability that your site will be visited by those looking for information in your niche.

Some people may now be wondering whether they have ever seen backlinks. The answer is probably a yes. Have you ever been reading content online and you see some highlighted words in the middle of the article and when you click on them you are referred to another website?

The highlighted words referring you to another website is what we referred to as backlinks. If you try rolling over the backlink, you will see the web address. In article directory sites the backlinks are found at the bottom of the page in the resource box.

When you have a backlink in another website referring readers to your website, Google will tag it. Google will then give it a date and record the phrase used in the link. The information gathered will be saved in order to help Google rank your website.

The number of backlinks is not important what is important is the quality of the backlinks. The search engines do not count all the links as equal. A well known or popular website will have more value and their links are seen by Google  as quality backlinks.

This means that your links need to be on high ranked or popular sites. This process may be very competitive since everyone online is fighting for backlinks from these sites. You have to develop a strategy to help you get backlinks to your site or find the best backlink packages.


One of the best ways of getting backlinks is through article marketing. if you create unique and informative articles, there are chances that other related websites will pay attention to your content. Article marketing gives the webmaster a chance to keep fresh quality content on their sites.

Another way to get backlinks to your site is through guest blogging or commenting on other blogs. All you need is to look for blogs in your niche and blogs that also post relevant information at the same time. Try to give a thoughtful comment and be as interactive as possible.