DreamDome 3.5m backyard studio office kit

A Backyard Home Office Reduces Stress

Lower Your Stress Levels and Install a Backyard Studio Kit

Working from home in your own backyard office Studio may be your dream. Do you really need to travel to do your work? Backyard office kit allows people to easily and affordably install a separate studio building that serves as an office and or creative workspace separate from the main home.

Imagine walking from your home through the garden to your very own private workspace. Where you can enjoy the nature around you, maintain contact with your family whenever you choose. As private or as public as you want. It could be your opportunity for a career change. Suddenly, you realize that it’s time to make the move, you cannot remain authentic to yourself by staying where you are.

Working from a serene, separate home office would cut a lot of stressful activity from our lives. Simply another space, useful for a wide range of uses through the year.

We have fallen in love with the DreamDome 3.5 Backyard Studio Kit

We imagine having one of these at home as a studio/office. Someone else wants it for meditation and yoga only and someone else as their music studio.

We have discovered the DreamDome system is made of high-tech molded composite parts that just bolt together. They are really well insulated and cyclone rated. They come as a completely finished kit that takes only a day or two to install even if you DIY. They have got everything including conduits for lights and power and they are engineer certified.

According to Chris Brown, CEO of DreamDome,  “dome geometry is sacred geometry.  The dome shape holds a resonant energy compatible with human beings making us feel comfortable.”


Well! If you are going to have a workspace in your backyard wouldn’t you want it to feel just so good that you don’t want to leave? Of course! Get the most comfortable design possible.

The boom in “Secondary Dwellings” is helping Housing Affordability

The boom in homeowners taking advantage of the laws, predominantly in New South Whales, that permit backyard studios, offices, and granny flats under complying development is helping the housing affordability crises and needs to be much more widely and progressively adopted. Australia has millions of large backyards quite ready for a second small dwelling or studio.

Secondary dwelling planning laws are different in every state and from council, to council. It is clearly obvious that the more progressive NSW approach is making a significant impact on housing affordability.

“Exempt development” is where certain developments such as sheds and backyard studios do not require a permit. The next level is called “complying development” that means, under the sate or local government planning laws, backyard studios and granny flats or “secondary dwellings” are permitted. Check with our local council about their rules.

If you are looking to reduce stress in your life, one of the ways that could make a significant difference is to work from home.