A Work of Art – The Little Guy Coffee Machine

Why I Bought a Little Guy Coffee Machine

I have never owned an espresso coffee machine other than a french press coffee maker. You know the type with a glass lab beaker and a stick with a filter screen that you push down into the coffee. I had always been happy with this way of making coffee until I tried a coffee from a small cute coffee maker called the Little Guy. Here’s a short video.

I Just Love this Coffee Machine

Coffee machines come in all different designs, shapes, sizes and quality. My first cup of coffee from the Little Guy was at my friends house not long ago after which I decided to take the plunge and get one. But before I did I had to check out what else was available for the price.

Testing the Home Coffee Machine Market

Quality is important to me even though I started looking at the cheapest end of the market and worked up. The bottom end is full of Chinese manufactured machines. Many of them look great and just as I was starting to be intrigued I noticed in the specifications of the brand I was looking at that the internal casting were made of aluminum. I am sorry to say that this put me off straight away and so I diverted to European/Italian style espresso machines.

Italian Style Espresso Coffee Machines

Now I know when it comes to coffee machines the Italians are supposed to be at the top. So many different brands, so many styles many of which I was familiar with because a lot of home coffee makers are a miniature version of the big commercial espresso machines you see in coffee shops. I am sure that some of these machines are extremely good machines especially the top end from about $1500.

The Four Reasons I Chose The Little Guy Coffee Machine

Here it is sitting on a table on the deck, just made 2 perfect cappuccino coffees using a mini flame cooker.

The Little Guy website also sells a small portable induction cook plate which is designed to be programmed exactly for the little guy and it can be used for cooking anything through a range of setting.


No1. It makes a really good espresso coffee

No2. It does not need to be plugged into electricity. It can be heated on a stove top or a flame cooker.

No3. I love the look of it

No4. It is beautifully crafted in solid stainless steal with no moving parts and it is perfectly machined so all the pieces fit together incredibly smoothly and tight.

Check them out!